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:)EDIT: I just wanna point out that I phrased myself poorly, most quadriplegics can of course also enjoy sexual things, but not physically with their penis or vagina.

I have been with someone in a chair for five years now. Be prepared to learn a whole hell of a lot about how serious and pervasive discrimination against the disabled is. My favorite was a fine young gentleman who had decided all on his own that heterosexual intercourse would be impossible for my girlfriend.

I find "a" anything usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I've read that some autism groups have rejected it because it implies that the person can be separated from autism and that's not the case. It's so easy to accidentally offend with language, even with only the best intentions, you know? He was often the life of the party, saying "one more beer, and I can dance!

I'm female, and lived with a male friend in college. "That being said, he was not able to maintain an erection.

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My mother was a part-time caretaker for a wheelchair bound man until about six years ago when she started caring for him almost full-time.Or as with women, their sexual pleasure from the vagina.So, my understanding is that most paraplegics can enjoy sexual things, most quadriplegics cannot.I know it can be a sensitive topic and it can be hard to not be curious.How does sexual pleasure and orgasm work for men with spinal cord injuries?They had been friends for fourteen years, and as my mom was divorcing he helped her through it, filling in for my brother and I as the father figure that we needed after my biological father left.Two years ago, my mother married him, and I've never seen her so happy with him. He's a paraplegic with limited mobility in his arms, so there are special cares that he requires.Because the women on Push Girls, all of whom have spinal cord injuries said they can have them (they never explained how), but I've never heard of the same being true for men. Usually, yes, men can have a working penis and be able to orgasm.This doesn't really apply to me as I only have a minor spinal cord injury, not a complete cut off.Like with this post, I instantly wondered how the sex worked. I mean, I definitely agree with making sure our language isn't inherently offensive, but still.And then I immediately thought "that's none of my bloody business". During med school they went from using the word "compliance", to "adherence" to some complete other word, to differentiate between the doctors plan (you will comply with my orders) to following a plan you'd made together (adhering to it) to a plan the patient had come up with. I understand not wanting to define people by their characteristics, but saying "a person with disabilities" is way more cumbersome than "a disabled person".

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