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Here are some flirty party ideas for you to try at home.

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There are various kinds of drinking and party games we know and love.A kinky deviation from your usual game of twister, where instead of a twister mat, you have a live human body to put your paws onto.Materials: Twister set, colored paper circles, and tape.[Read: 30 naughty truth or dare questions for a really sexy night] #7 Strip pong.Strip pong is a kinky variation of the classic beer pong, where instead of gulping shots, the unlucky loser removes an article of clothing.Materials: Small objects to look for, timer, and names to draw lots.Mechanics: First, the participants are split according to gender. The opposing team is then given a specific item, which they hide on their person.The couple who finishes with the longest spaghetti stick at the end of a set of pre-decided rounds wins. This game is a game of endurance; the participants must hold in any sign of laughter or even a hint of a smile. Materials: Traps and gags to make people laugh *such as a funny picture, or video*, and a hat full of punishments.Mechanics: In this game, the host shows each player something funny.Mechanics: First, each player is assigned a partner randomly by drawing lots *preferable male to female*.The host then plays a video of a dance step that the players must mimic, while holding one end of a spaghetti stick in their mouth.

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