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However, by the turn of the century, the Romanesque Revival and Mission style buildings created a new demand and popularity for this picturesque roofing material.Slate: Another practice settlers brought to the New World was slate roofing.Many illustrations are new and in color; Captions are simplified and some complex charts are omitted.To order hard copies of the Briefs, see Printed Publications.Most suitable for dating very recent sediments suspected of being less than 100 years old.

The plain or flat rectangular tiles most commonly used from the 17th through the beginning of the 19th century measured about 10" by 6" by 1/2," and had two holes at one end for a nail or peg fastener.During some periods in the history of architecture, the roof imparts much of the architectural character.It defines the style and contributes to the building's aesthetics.Then a complete internal and external inspection of the roof should be planned to determine all the causes of failure and to identify the alternatives for repair or replacement of the roofing.Clay Tile: European settlers used clay tile for roofing as early as the mid-17th century; many pantiles (S-curved tiles), as well as flat roofing tiles, were used in Jamestown, Virginia.Sometimes mortar was applied between the courses to secure the tiles in a heavy wind.In the mid-19th century, tile roofs were often replaced by sheet-metal roofs, which were lighter and easier to install and maintain.The hipped roofs of Georgian architecture, the turrets of Queen Anne, the Mansard roofs, and the graceful slopes of the Shingle Style and Bungalow designs are examples of the use of roofing as a major design feature.But no matter how decorative the patterning or how compelling the form, the roof is a highly vulnerable element of a shelter that will inevitably fail.The size and shape of the shingles as well as the detailing of the shingle roof differed according to regional craft practices.People within particular regions developed preferences for the local species of wood that most suited their purposes.

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