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Nicole, Amanda, Brittany, Kara, Bo, Reegan, Michelle and Kimberly were all sent home, and a somber Kimberly returns to the house and asks for Chris, ending the episode.Kimberly convinced Chris to give her another chance.Halfway through the date, Chris announces to the girls that the date will continue as a one-on-one.He invites Mackenzie to come with him while the other five go home.

The season concluded on March 9, 2015 in which 29-year-old fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff was named the winner and becoming Soules' fiancée, they ended their relationship in May 28, 2015. On August 26, 2014, Soules was chosen as a fan favorite and was first announced on Good Morning America.

Amanda calls the limo driver to give an envelope to Chris and does not give her name; she makes Chris close his eyes and tells him she is his secret admirer, echoing how Chris introduced himself to Andi.

Chris spends time with the initial 15 women, leading them to believe that there would be only 15 contestants, Harrison called Chris out before the second batch of women arrived.

Amber James returned on the twentieth season with Becca Tilley as a part of the cast for that season, James finished in 12th/13th and Tilley finished in 5th.

Season 2 Ashley Salter agreed to be part of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise during The Women Tell All.

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