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Sometimes, when I'm falling in love, I wonder about why I'm in love. Yes, I'm not calling him every five minutes, I do not write every minute "I Miss You" .... And it's not important to him that I'm trembling even at the thought of meeting him. And unlikely we will ever answer the question of why this man gives us so much emotion and desire to be with him. But if I were to make my dreams real, I would enjoy the same. Sometimes I stick my finger in my pussy and wiggle it around the dark wetness and feel what a cock or a tongue must feel when I'm sitting on it.

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He chose the place of his birth Hollywood)) My Hollywood - a beautiful and terrible, a virtual world of pleasure. Because life is so short, and the lure of the superman with several lives a virtual life makes this even more attractive.

Here, everyone (and performer, and member) can come up with their own legends and even create worlds and manage them ... It is no coincidence, I began to use the mirror in his shows ...

And a lot of pockets.nn*Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.nn*And the best love story - just two parrots in a cage =) Andy Warhol his life intentionally confused the journalists, calling on different dates and places of birth.

Perhaps due to the fact that the temperament of the artist would not allow him to accept the fact that he was the son of immigrants from Transcarpathia Andrew and Julia Warhola Zavaki, because the true circumstances of his birth and origin did not fit into the legend he created, which he wanted to believe.

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