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They need to live a healthy and non-risky life so that they and their partners are protected,” she pointed out.A recent study by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with National Aids Commission (NAC), and the World Bank found that more than 90 percent of new infections are among those who were previously considered to be at low risk, such as couples and partners in stable sexual relationships.I’m been publicly open about my status since I was 21.I disclosed on You Tube because I couldn’t fathom telling someone one-on-one at first—so instead, I told the whole world all at once.If I’m being honest, the fact that he didn’t know much about HIV probably turned me off a bit too.

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However, she notes that it was becoming a habit for couples to discard condoms even after counselling.“I would ask such couples if their life is worth the value of sex. Couples need to individually assess their lives and practise positive living.

You see, the problem with dating guys my age is that instead of a date, our dinners often morph into an HIV/AIDS Q&A session once they learn my status.

The teacher-student situation doesn’t really leave room for romance.

On my first real date when I was 16, I wore green (though I now realize that red is more my colour) and we went to watch .

I had the normal first-date jitters, plus this feeling that somehow he would know I am HIV-positive.

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