Problems consolidating databases

My goal is to help you not only understand each product but understand how they all fit together, so you can be the hero who builds your companies big data solution.

Client presentation (slides) The pace of Microsoft product innovation is so fast that even though I spend half my days learning, I struggle to keep up.

Client presentation (slides) Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a new flavor of Azure SQL Database that is a game changer.

The data lake is a great new concept, usually built in Hadoop, but what exactly is it and how does it fit in?Come to this presentation to make sure your data lake does not turn into a data swamp!6/4/16, PASS SQL Saturday Philadelphia, PA (info) (slides) 12/10/16, PASS SQL Saturday Providence, RI (info) (slides) 4/29/16, PASS SQL Saturday Rochester, NY (info) (slides) 4/21/18, PASS SQL Saturday Philadelphia, PA (info) (slides) With new technologies such as Hive LLAP or Spark SQL, do I still need a data warehouse or can I just put everything in a data lake and report off of that? In the presentation I’ll discuss why you still need a relational data warehouse and how to use a data lake and a RDBMS data warehouse to get the best of both worlds.I greatly enjoy doing presentations on a variety of topics, such as Big Data, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, SQL Server, Azure, and personal development.If you would like me to do a presentation, just email me to ask!It is for those who are comfortable with Apache Spark as it is 100% based on Spark and is extensible with support for Scala, Java, R, and Python alongside Spark SQL, Graph X, Streaming and Machine Learning Library (Mllib).It has built-in integration with many data sources, has a workflow scheduler, allows for real-time workspace collaboration, and has performance improvements over traditional Apache Spark.And I’ll put it all together by showing common big data architectures. Come to this session to get started down the path to making the proper technology choices in moving to the cloud.3/27/18, Agile Big Data Processing Summit (info) (slides) Has your company been building data warehouses for years using SQL Server? 5/20/17, PASS SQL Saturday New York City, NY (info) (slides) 12/9/17, PASS SQL Saturday Providence, RI (info) (slides) 4/21/18, PASS SQL Saturday Philadelphia, PA (info) (slides) It can be quite challenging keeping up with the frequent updates to the Microsoft products and understanding all their use cases and how all the products fit together.Along the way I will talk about the many hybrid approaches so you can take a gradual approach to moving to the cloud.If you are interested in cost savings, additional features, ease of use, quick scaling, improved reliability and ending the days of upgrading hardware, this is the session for you!

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