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) my ps3 does a triple beep and restarts every time. Others have had this problem but here's something that might work : 1: Remove any traces of the game from your system. 3: Load the game but when the patch notification screen appears, wait for 90secs or until the Hard Drive light stops flashing so much. If this doesn't work then it's the patch that is faulty but the only fix is for the developers to upload a replacement, which is unlikely since the game tanked so they will be unwilling to dump more money into it . Click the above image to see my maintained threads. The Guide Team is now on Twitter: LINK Do you want to write a Guide and/or Supplement?

If I tried to update/install while it was loading up, I would get the beeping error and the PS3 would restart.

Someone on another site gave me a tip to just look at the yellow HDD indicator and wait for it to stop flashing. If so, just wait a bit before hitting okay when you get the update notification.

If so, just wait a bit before hitting okay when you get the update notification.

Even though I got the update notification, the game was still loading up in the background.

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