Pua online dating dhv

PUA routines are an essential part of any pick up artists bag of tools.

This section will serve as an A to Z of all the best field tested routines that will include both opening routines and DHV routines.

A big forum with tons of members asking the same questions over and over again wasn’t the best formula.

It burned me out, was over run with newbies, and was just too big for each guy to get the hands on coaching they needed.

This also works well when I am on the road travelling for work or fun.

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One of my favorite parts is that by putting some very specific things on my profile, I am actively screening the ones that I wouldn’t be interested in, OUT and not wasting my time on them!But I also needed to fix the holes in the Online Game 2.0 program.Ones that I didn’t realize even existed until later.2 Part Kiss Opener: A really easy to remember opening routine that will immediately lock you into any set.Love vs In Love: Another great opener that will encourage a set of girls to open up and make conversation with you.There's the profile, (which seddit has a bunch of guides on) then the open.Personally, I've gotten the best response from silly, light hearted neg openers. I just open with something direct and to the point like "You're kinda cute, why haven't we met yet? Online game is still pretty sketchy because girls rate themselves much higher online because of the amount of validation they get from seedy dudes.I don't need to go over how shallow the internet allows every average looking girl to be (they're getting bombarded by AFCs), so let's focus on openers. Of 30 girls I'll connect with, 5 will reply, 2-3 I can number close, and 1-2 will turn into IRL prospects.So given that success (or lack thereof) rate, I'm looking to figure out how to effectively open.This was a few swipes on the road to GPS ping me in that area, then a few swipes when I got situated at my hotel.Matches who were waiting for me to swipe right, so they could MESSAGE ME FIRST!

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