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Immergent Records will be releasing De la Rosa’s debut album, as the hopeful singer is managed by her ex-fiance and former Real Housewives of Orange County costar Slade Smiley.

She has made her finished singles available for listening through her official My Space profile.

She was picked on but you saw where the other women were coming from so you sort of swept it under the rug. Shannon’s that one friend in your group who has to order water at the restaurant because she’s vegan-gluten intolerant-can’t eat anything because it’s chemically created.

Honestly, props to her for being able to live off vitamins and holistic remedies cause I like cheeseburgers too much.

Because I’d love to see how Jo would’ve turned out on the show, she’s getting ranked to 15 on the list.

You might’ve been higher, Jo, if you stayed on/didn’t introduce Slade Smiley to the world.

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Other than that, she didn’t give us much to work with.Peggy was a housewife for one season and all that can be remembered is that she loved guns and used to love Alexis Bellino’s husband—equal parts terrifying and kind of gross. It may not necessarily be a requirement, but it is encouraged to say ridiculous, somewhat mean, things to be on this show.That’s sort of all we got from her season, leading her into the 13th spot. She didn’t get too involved with drama and with the death of her ex-husband Lou, she really did try and hold it together. Kelly took this and ran with it as the newest housewife in O. Sure, allegations and names are called by all the women for the most part, but its usually followed with some sort of half-assed apology.Quality may not be at the forefront for the show, but entertainment definitely is.And after 10 seasons and 18 housewives, I've been able to create a definitive list of every housewife to grace us with their antics.You were always between feeling like you wanted to shake her and tell her to get them together, or that you just needed to hand her a glass of wine cause good lord she was dealing with a lot.Also being in between Tamra and Gretchen had to have sucked so you’re 10th on the list, Lynne, just cause it seems like you need a break. Lauri was almost irrelevant being an original cast member who made it an impressive four seasons.(CC: Lauri and Gretchen)Lydia falls into the trap that many single-season housewives do… Let’s be real, millions of people don’t watch this show to watch normal people go to events, have stable relationships, and go about their merry ways, we watch them because they’re ticking time bombs and it’s entertainment it its finest form.Lydia, while she was probably the most genuinely kind-hearted person to ever be a housewife, was too normal, which lands her in 14th.Jeana spent the perfect amount of time on the show: not too little but she also didn’t overstay her welcome. You never really knew if you loved or hated Gretchen, and I respect that air of mystery about her.You wanted to think she was this bimbo when she was dating Jeff who was 24 years her senior and who was losing his battle with Leukemia, but you still felt for her because none of the housewives liked her. Then she starts dating Slade Smily, aka the serial O. housewives dater (RE: Jo and Lauri), who may or may not be paying his child support? And let us never forget the season her and Tamra were BFF’s and Vicki’s head was about to blow up (one of the best seasons, in my opinion).

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