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Every slow mover such as an Ultralight or EAB that is just a step above ultralight should check these units out. The down fall, it only picks up traffic with a transponder installed, but that is the traffic I worry about, the slower traffic I should see coming.The down fall, it only picks up traffic with a transponder installed, but that is the traffic I worry about, the slower traffic I should see coming.It also reinforces negative stereotypes about "those untrained ultralighters".You are confusing the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's) with advisory material.Powered by v Bulletin 3.8.8Copyright ©2000 - 2018, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Content Relevant URLs by v BSEO 3.6.1 v Bulletin Security provided by v BSecurity v2.2.2 (Pro) - v Bulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2018 Dragon Byte Technologies Ltd. A friend whom flies ultralights saw this unit announcing when I was on the ground talking with him standing next to my airplane.He said I saw that thing and thought it was more of a novelty type of thing, but I want one of those.

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I have yet to hear one fast mover announce before landing. After many many incursions into the area I am flying and no one announcing I wanted to take the radio and throw it out the window. Now I see the fast movers coming no need for a radio, I never even take it with me.The Federal Air Regulations are codified in volume 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations are are commonly referred to as "14 CFR" as in "14 CFR Part 91".The AIM that you refer to has no regulatory authority.Assuming the ultralight stays domestic, no FCC Radiostation License is required.As Anymouse says none is required: 47 CFR 87.18 (b) An aircraft station is licensed by rule and does not need an individual license issued by the FCC if the aircraft station is not required by statute, treaty, or agreement to which the United States is signatory to carry a radio, and the aircraft station does not make international flights or communications.That said, you have noted that some content might be out of date, and I will suggest that I agree that the section on radio language no longer describe examples that contribute to increasing safety.So taking a hard look at what is effective in the modern world of limited frequency channels and air time, rather than listen to a lot of ineffective blather and squealing as multiple transmitters step on each other, I will suggest that there are shorter and more effective statements that will get the job done in a manner that actually helps improve the situational awareness of the population of pilots milling around an airport.The FCC doesn't say "Make up any callsign you like that you personally think is a good idea" it says USE EITHER the one on your station license OR one assigned by the FAA.Unfortunately, all the information the FAA has put out (mostly older advisory circulars) says Ultralights should use "ULTRALIGHT" followed by their station license ID. Thanks, Wes N78PS47 AIM 87.107 talks about how aviation stations should identify themselves.Except the J-3 or Champ (with a handheld radio) descending into the pattern above you that never knew you were there before impact because you didn't announce your position........Flying in the pattern without a radio is a great way to increase the possibility of collision.

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