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My influence grows exponentially as I develop my career.I have had the opportunity to contribute to some high-profile projects in London on behalf of major clients, which has enabled me to influence their transformation.What advice would you offer to those starting out in the industry? There is no age in life to do anything – it is about how motivated you are.If you’re impact-driven then you could be 22 or you could be 50 and still be a key asset to the team.Our customers do not like being committed to a lease; they like the short-term flexibility of being able to get out of a commitment at any time. @Team Stowga If you had to name the one quality that got you to where you are now, what would it be? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, respect your seniors and learn from them.How much influence do you feel you have as a young person in the industry? I have been asked to help advise at a university next year on its curriculum for the future of logistics. Young people now are really ambitious and self-starters and they want autonomy, which is challenging the traditional methods of working.We have recently developed a property into a co-working space.

What do you think the future of the property sector holds?

@canarywharfgrp What do you think the future of the property sector holds?

It will adapt to the changes in the way people are living and working.

They may be young, but this lot are leading the charge when it comes to the evolution of real estate. This year’s EG Rising Stars are making waves across the whole sector from law to development and from leasing to sustainability.

Proof that you can be as much of a change agent whether you work for a big, established corporate or an agile start-up, these 14 young individuals aged 35 and under are the ones to watch.

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