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Finally, you want to show all of the enrolled students and their grades for the selected course.

In this part of the tutorial, you'll use both methods.In the following tutorial, you'll learn how to add relationships between existing entities, how to remove relationships, and how to add a new entity that has a relationship to an existing entity.Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.If an exception occurs, it displays an error message. Click Update and you'll see the changes reflected in the list.Each instructor can teach one or more courses, so you'll add an element is included. Select an instructor who has one or more courses assigned, and the course or courses appear in the list.Thanks for choosing Dev Express for your software development needs.We are your extended team and are working hard to make certain you have all the resources necessary to build your next great app.For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.Note on CHM documentation If you don't see any information when you download and open the CHM file (instead, you see "The address is not valid" error), you may need to unblock this CHM file.To do this, right-click the CHM file, then click Properties and click Unblock.

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