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If you missed my previous post you can get it here: ASPx Grid View Excel style – Adding notes to grid cells.The main goal for this time is to add inline editing functionality to the grid, in order to be able to update the imports and manage adding, editing and removing credit cards.

The updating features of the grid provide a wide array of adding and editing values of the underling set of data bound to the grid.

Further information regarding the classes, options, events, methods and themes of this API are available under the associated tabs above.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to initialize the ig Grid control.

Could the SOQL statement be modified so the WHERE statement excludes records where X12_Month_trade__c = true (ie AND X12_Month_trade__c 1= true)? Josh Reply One other thing, I wanted to fix the code above in case it confuses anybody, especially those newer to code. You can check out the gist: or read more about it on my website: Reply Does the Trigger context variable old Map means that it stores ALL the previous versions of the record? If the Opportunity record after been created was updated 2 times, ol Map will have a map.size() of 3? I_am_Awesome__c = true; David, I am curious about the line above.

Are we to presume that the custom field “I_am_Awesome__c” already exists in the Opportunity s Object; or is it that Salesforce allows the creation of custom fields on the fly using Apex codes.

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