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But all we get to see is a small mask of Liza on a table which quickly dissolves to destroy the evidence. A Martian disguises itself as Lisa Marie in order to gain access to the White House (and also a very funny scene with Martin Short).

A number of big name cameo stars (along with villainous Kirk Douglas) wear a number of disguises throughout the movie. Very cheesy T&A movie that ends with Contessa Luciana (Sybil Danning) explaining via tape that she impersonated Liza Chamberlain (Lorraine Michaels) earlier in the film.

She then replaces it (not for the squeamish) with Annabelle Gurwitch's skin in a nice suit sequence, but later loses her head in a fight. Catherine Oxenberg is kidnapped by a woman for the purpose of taking revenge against her.

In a bedroom, the villainess gives plot exposition of why it is she has been killing everyone.

It's a prosthetic mask and wig that she peels off in a real erotic fashion.

Female porn stars and female masks, does it get any better than that? A dead woman is resurrected as a look-a-like robot who goes around in various disguises murdering the people responsible for "her" death.

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