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At the merge (where after Coach, the alliance decided to eliminate Courtney for her weakness rather than Sandra), there were five Heroes and five Villains remaining in the game.The Heroes thought Russell was on their side after J. Thomas gave Russell his Hidden Immunity Idol to take out Parvati. then questioned Russell about what happened and Russell claimed that he and Parvati played both of their idols, nullifying all votes, where at the revote Courtney was voted out.However, when the Heroes saw the Villains arriving on the beach, Parvati was still there, and Courtney had been voted out instead. The Heroes bought Russell's lie and believed he was with them, until Sandra let slip to Rupert that Russell was really the leader of the Villains majority alliance, which brought great concern upon Rupert and the Heroes Alliance.Little that the rest of the merged tribe knew, Parvati and Amanda Kimmel were talking, Amanda somehow got Parvati to fess up about her Hidden Immunity Idol. gave him, and Amanda told Parvati to play her Idol in case she could be targeted, which to Parvati, implied that they were only trying to flush the idol.The members of the jury made their dislike of Russell and his unlikelihood of receiving votes very clear; the other two finalists used this in their attempts to sway the jury to their side.

Interestingly, Russell voted against Courtney instead of Coach whilst Danielle and Parvati voted against Coach after insisting that voting Courtney out was essential if they wanted to win future challenges.

Parvati thought that agreeing to it was the same as making "a deal with the devil", but she wanted the "devil" on her side, while Russell said to her that she "did not even have a choice" since Parvati was a previous Sole Survivor, had pre-existing relationships with the members of the Heroes tribe and a reputation of a manipulator, she became a target by Rob's Villains Alliance, who were the majority alliance at the time.

Russell eventually found the Hidden Immunity Idol, which made rival alliance member Sandra Diaz-Twine alert Rob Mariano - the leader of the rival alliance - to split votes between Russell and Parvati to flush the Idol.

Parvati, Russell, and Sandra celebrated with the traditional Day 39 breakfast.

Unknowingly paying homage to something Russell once did, Sandra tossed Russell's hat into the camp fire in an attempt to throw him off his game at the Final Tribal Council.

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