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Because they were playing two different versions of the same character, Gosling was eager to discuss choices and character traits with his esteemed costar. See you later.” Ryan looked at me and said, “Shut up, don’t even say a word.” So that’s just an example of two extremely different types of acting styles. “Jimmy is one of those kind of actors who’s a no-bulls–t actor from a time gone by,” Cassavetes said. You have brown eyes.” He says, “Everyone knows Jim Garner’s got brown eyes.

Here’s 10 things you may not know about Ryan and Rachel’s relationship: As the famous story goes, Ryan and Rachel first met each other when they were cast as love interests in the 2004 film about the challenges he had in trying to keep the peace between them. “They started screaming and yelling at each other,” he recalled. They had it out…I think Ryan respected her for standing up for her character and Rachel was happy to get that out in the open.He wants to go prepare for it, feel it, live it, explore other options for it,” Cassavetes said.“He’d come to me and say, ’Why can’t I burn the house down?Sometimes we disagree, and he’s very strong, but we had a great time. James Garner was not that interested in talking shop with his costars.Working with legendary actors like James Garner and Gena Rowlands seems like any up-and-coming performer’s dream.’ I’d say, ’Because I don’t even know what that means.’ And he’d say, ’Cleansing my fire!'” Gosling’s suggestion didn’t make it into the final cut, but Cassavetes insists there was open collaboration throughout filming: “We had a great relationship, because I encourage my actors to talk to me about anything.We went down and bought a trailer like the back of one of those semis, talked to some of the animal people down there and bought a bunch of hatchlings and just raised them as chicks and marched them out to the lake every day and fed them out there.By the time the movie was shooting, they were kind of grown, but they had been fed out there every day.“There was a scene at the end where Ryan improvised, ’What do you want? ’ And it became one of the most iconic things from the film [that] wasn’t in the script. “I’m a literary guy, I was a lit major in college and I like words, but I also like improvisation, [so] that’s fine. They were committed to their characters and both of them are terrific artists in their own right. We’re all very lucky that people liked it as much as they did,” he said. Not one to shy away from sharing his ideas, Gosling thought it would be appropriate for Noah to burn down what had become his character’s life’s work.“[Ryan] wants to talk to you about what he’s gonna do.

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