Santana dating brittany glee christian dating as friends

Brittany and Santana are just best friends, and you know how sometimes best friends tickle each others’ arms and hold pinkies?Yes, and I know where arm-tickling and pinky-holding can lead.” So what did you think when you first read those lines in the script? We were like, what does this mean for Brittany and Santana?[] Because Naya and I are best friends off-camera too, and we’re always together, so that’s always sort of been a joke with the writers. I know some younger girls go through confusion, and I had friends who weren’t sure about their sexuality at that age.I didn’t think it would ever been addressed again, but Santana and Brittany held hands during a recent episode and tried to lure Finn into a threesome.Santana even said, “You buy us dinner, and we make out in front of you.So even if it’s never spoken about directly, it’s great if someone can relate to that.I’m glad Ryan Murphy touched on it a bit for people who might be struggling with that.

My mom called me and was like, “I just bought some ‘I Bet the Duck’s in the Hat’ T-shirts and I’m wearing one right now! Are they all scripted, or have any of Brittany’s one-liners been your idea? You also played a very special part in the “Vogue” video that some people may not realize. That was maybe the coolest part about the whole thing for me, because I felt that the cone bra was, like, Madonna in a nutshell. After I finished the tour, I started working with choreographer Zach Woodley, who started hiring me to do things like , but then I dropped dancing and started acting classes because I didn’t want to dance anymore and I really wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of acting. Look as cute as you can so he’ll love you even more.” So I went in to teach the kids with a full-on outfit.

” You recently performed with the, two of the most major venues in all the land.

I know you’re both currently considered recurring as opposed to regular cast members, but I was still surprised to see you and Naya Rivera sitting in the audience instead of on stage with Oprah and the main cast. Yes, I work just as hard as everyone else, and I will continue to work just as hard and keep my mind set on what I want to do, so my time will come no matter what happens.

Not that I didn’t enjoy dancing for an artist, and I know people are screaming for other people on stage, but now people know my name and my character. ” instead of, “Oh, she’s a backup dancer.” I always knew there was another feeling that I wanted on stage, and that’s what it was — an appreciation of my own talent.

Neil Patrick Harris guest stars on an upcoming ’s “Girls Versus Suits” musical number earlier this season.

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