Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction

Every time she would hug him, he would get this warm feeling. But he didn't love her that he thought."So, same thing tomorrow? Everyday after school they would both study together. Especially Sakura, because Sasuke would always teach her. Just as she was jumping with joy, her mother ran in.

He then lowered his other hand to hers and held it gently.

"Sakura..." The boy said as he slowly leaned for a kiss. "Thank you..." She mumbled laying back down in bed."Ahh Sas-" Sakura shot up again.

Her heart was pounding in excitement as she lightly puckered up.

Sure she would say hi and he'd reply with his signature, "Hn".

She was already dressed in her school uniform, hair brushed and everything. She sighed and thought about all of the times Her and Sasu Another Sasu Saku One Shot She loved him.

She was going to be late on her first day of a new school. Sakura was running at such a fast pace that she bumped into someone. Sakura sat under a tree and rested her head on her knees as she sat down. All throughout his life since then, he's made the worst choices. All he's ever truly wanted out of life was lost because he was blinded by revenge.

Heh heh." The pink haired gangster said as she took the money from the frightened clerk behind the counter of the bank."Try to challenge us, and you're gone! He wanted some alone time to himself so he came here. And now, she still felt the same way about Sasu Saku Comfort She was hurt. She was even sure that her boyfriend didn't even like her.

" Sakura exclaimed again bowing."You don't have to apologize ag Sakura's Dream Fan Fic Sasuke was walking through a park of nothing but cherry blossoms. Laying down on her bed, and almost cried herself to sleep. She started to shake in fear in what it was-or who it was. She had sweat and tears running down her face until she felt warm arms around her waist and a one of the arms stroking her hair and whispering comforting things in her ear like, "It's okay, no one's here to hurt you."She snuggled into the chest of the owner of the arms.

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