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Yes, Now that I look at my purplish-magenta logo on the horn (post ten above) it has the Yami logo (the three tuning forks), in large print "Yamaha" and underneath, in smaller letters, "Japan", with absolutely no engraving, anywhere.

We probably have all seen bell information with the country the home offices of the manufacturer, with a different "made in " country elsewhere, such as the Ida Maria Grassi logo looking identical to that of the original owning company, save for the words "made in", just saying "Italy".

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Thanks again, Elaine Cutting Yamaha I submitted info on my YSS-62 for your database.

We do know that there was a change in tonehole placement at some point in the production..." I'm hoping to collect a large enough sample of instruments to provide a reasonable estimation to the date of manufacture of most of the Yamaha Saxophones.

I also hope that this collected data will reveal some inconsistencies in the way Yamaha mark and identify particular models.

His guess was early 80s, my daughter and I deduced that we bought it in about 1988.

A call to the number I saw on SOTW, for the American Yamaha guys in Anneheim, 714-522-9011, works if you select a non-listed option of "0" as the long menu curiously doesn't have a Band and Orchestra prompt.The Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database can be found here: Saxophone Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database Yamaha SAXOPHONE Serial Number Database - Submission Form Cheers Yamaha Collector I wrote to Yamaha for info about my YAS-23 and they answered right away: Hi Dave, Thanks for your message.Your YAS-23 with the serial number 104488 A was manufactured in 1990.It has a purple logo stamp with Yamaha and Japan under it, surrounded by engraving on the right side of the bell and full engraving on the front and both sides of the bell down to where the bell is connected to the crook of the body. Japan is not engraved on the horn at all, just indicated by the printed on Purple Logo.I don't recall the salesman ever saying anything about being assembled in America.Yamaha USA will provide a manufacture date for recent model saxophones if you contact them via [email protected] they have very little information regarding older instruments as they state themselves on their Yamaha "Bell and Barrel" website. Players have been known to say that under no circumstances would they EVER part with their 62 soprano.(That is, until we can come up with something thats as good, if not better than their YSS-62) As close as we can guess there were around 3,000 of these sold in the United States (our records were a bit sketchy in the very early 80? Unfortunately there are NO serial number records available that can help clarify individual production dates beyond some rough guesses.OK---I'm retired and have endless time to spend on geeky details (inquiring minds want to know) but am becoming convinced that NO ONE....... " You want head spinning, go research sixties Gibson guitars!!Jay My YTS 61 which I bought new in 1978 in Arizona has an A after the serial # (the number is on the lower part of the back of the body) .The new owners, Proel, will give you the information about its Asian origins stamped on the back! In case anyone here is interested: Purchased new in 1982 from (I believe.....hey, it's been a LONG time! It's the earliest serial # YSS-62 that I've ever seen (2905).On mine I'm going with Japan and I'm sticking to it. Was a purple logo horn with engraving, but I've had the lacquer stripped, so the logo is no longer.

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