Sedating children for dental work

The option of in-office has been a good option to help kids and parents.

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Now it doesn't always work the way you hope, but you do try and find the best combination of medications tailored to each patient's needs. Now, I know they are more predictable IV, but if you could get an IV started in an extremely uncoperative child, then you could do the work without the drug.In fact, if there is so much work that it will require several sedative appointments, then the option of general anesthesia is usually discussed.The drugs are usually liquids of course, as kids can't take pills well.The whole process is some what of an art as much as a science.I am going to start series of posts on Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry and related topics.You can get them used to coming to the dentist with regular early visits.The children get used to the water and noises of a cleaning so when more extensive treatment is needed, it is not such a big deal to them. Remember every child responds differently in the dental office.There might be a three year old getting a filling doing just fine sitting next to a twelve year old who is extremely anxious or defiant.For those children who have a harder time than most, well there are several tools that can be employed.The best and most often used are verbal techniques like positive reinforcement, tell-show-do, and voice tone control. Often additional medications are needed to help kids to be comfortable and cooperate to accomplish treatment.

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