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The new camera experience in Messenger allows users to add 3D effects, artistic filters, stickers, emojis, text, and doodles to photos and videos.

It’s similar to what most messaging apps are implementing — i Message after the i OS 10 update introduced message animations, the ability to doodle and add stickers to images, and more; even Google Allo places a strong emphasis on sticker packs, text emphasis, and a higher level of customization in how we interact with each other on smartphones.

So nine months ago, his team embarked on an ambitious project to redefine the billion-user chat app as a way to share images, not just words.

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It’s why Facebook has been adding more visual features in Messenger such as video calling, instant videos, and the company is testing a Snapchat Stories-esque live component called Messenger Day.There's also a new picker that helps you find "thousands" of art objects and effects.This attempt to jazz up your conversations applies to text, too.The interface itself isn’t too far apart in design — there’s even a large circle at the bottom center of both apps now.In fact if you’re a Snapchat user, many of Messenger’s new camera features will come naturally.The camera is becoming an integral part of Facebook Messenger — so much so that users now have direct access to it from the home screen of the messaging app.Facebook has revamped its Messenger’s camera to offer a higher quality, faster experience.It has also added several new camera-related features that make Messenger more of a hybrid between i OS 10’s i Message and Snapchat.“We’ve been thinking about how Messenger is more than just about text — how video calling, photo sharing became a more core part of the experience,” Andrew Song, product manager of Messenger, told Digital Trends.The additions are clearly meant as hedges against Snapchat's colorful, goofy conversations, although that doesn't appear to be the only goal.To some extent, this is a response to Apple Messages, Google Allo and other relatively straightforward chat apps introducing some fun-oriented features.

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