Senior companionship or dating

We understand that deciding to take the plunge with ‘senior dating’ can be nerve-wracking.

That's why we offer a safe, supportive dating service for all of our members.

One of the things that older people often say to me is, as they age, they feel like they’re living in a closet, that it’s like becoming isolated and lonely. And many older people have great experiences of making new friends, finding new ways to explore life, thinking about how to build new relationships.

It can be one of the really good, positive, protective factors against anxiety and depression.

And older people aren’t any different to the rest of our community.

So, as we get older, there can be great opportunities for us to think about friendship and companionship, find new ways and new friends, and think about the different things that we can do to find a fulfilling life.

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He has contributed significantly to policy development and implementation for myriad services assisting senior Victorians. As Sam Owen says, ’’a loving romantic relationship can assist an increase in self-esteem and confidence, especially if you have been feeling a bit like you have been left on the shelf.’’ Of course, a loving relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual to be fulfilling.Indeed, Owen believes that the love in itself can boost self esteem.Our outstanding customer care team manually checks all profiles and hides inactive members to ensure that the profile suggestions you receive are from genuine prospects who share your feelings about mature dating.What's more, we make these suggestions with true compatibility in mind.In fact, since 2007, the fastest growing group of online daters has been those aged 50 .What's more, with dating sites like Elite Singles you are able to be really up front about what you want from a relationship and, additionally, you can meet Canadians who meet those needs.But of course, things like dating sites bring with them some risks, and we need to be clever and smart about how we use that.And there’s often stories in the paper about people that have given away money, or people that have inadvertently provided bank accounts details.Psychologist and Relationships Coach Sam Owen sums up the senior dating situation thusly: ‘'You are far from alone: being single in your 50s is increasingly common – so don’t beat yourself up about it or feel despondent.That said, while it is one thing to know that there are other ‘silver singles’ out there, finding them is quite another!

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