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Ok this is my first Yugioh fanfiction Characters: Navana "Ana or Ava" Kaiba: age 15 lived in Egypt for 4 years before returning to Domino. He is the younger brother to Atem Mouto and is the older brother to Yugi and Heba Mouto. "So, is your brother going to meet you at the airport in Japan?

She is very shy and keeps to her self a lot of the time. Yami Mouto: age 15 he is the most popular boy at Domino high despite being a freshmen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok so this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction please R&R :) Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue Navana's POV I stood in Cairo Egypt with Marik, Ishizu, Odion, and Malik waiting for my flight back to Domino, Japan.

"Perfect." He said getting up from the floor; he sat down in the seat and pulled Serenity on his lap. "It's alright, I'm going to marry you whether your brother likes it or not." Seto loved Serenity, one would have thought that Seto Kaiba would have been a miser or something, never marrying, never falling in love with anyone.

Serenity let out a soft giggle as she was pulled up. However when Serenity Wheeler came to town, he fell for her, grant it; it took him awhile, now they were marrying.

Seto had made reservations at the restaurant, it is apparently the one he had taken her to, when they first began dating. Now that Seto and Serenity are engaged will Joey accept the idea, and will Seto ever stop calling him a little Puppy?

Naruto rated m english romance friendship chapters 13 words 55 733 reviews 124 favs 554 follows 320 updated 12 31 2015 published 7 23 2015 hana i. Rumplestiltskin vows to hold on to his anger towards the girl but the once upon a time rated m english romance drama chapters 1 words 9 750 reviews 28 favs 171 follows 29 published 2 24 2013 rumpelstiltskin mr.

But no one is as they seem on this planet and survival is uncertain seto serenity dating fanfiction .

"No just a friend, him and his family have been taking care of me for the past four years and I'm going back home today." I said. I stood up and grabbed my carry on and walked off the plane.

When I woke again I saw everyone standing up to get off the plane.

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