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She is also the Head of the Contraceptive Counselling Clinic and has an appointment as a Reproductive Endocrinologist at the Menopause Clinics at the Monash Medical Centre.

She has previously been a Chairperson of the Victorian Regional Committee of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and is a member of the Examinations Committee.

She has more than 90 publications in both journals and books.

She is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Monash University and the Head of Gynaecology at Southern Health.

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Because, sometimes, even the sight of love can cure the most broken of souls.She also has a clinical and research interest in the cause and treatment of uterine fibroids (leiomyomas).Professor Vollenhoven’s other research interests are infertility, particularly IVF, ovulation and ovulation disorders such as PCOS, Turner’s Syndrome and menopause.Richie returns to Derry after four years to graduate with his peers, the only people he'd considered his closest friends. Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. Eddie always thought that he would wait until he was married to have sex, but after a year and a half of dating Richie with all of his teasing and innuendos, Eddie snaps. If something was slightly out of place, he thought he was haunted.After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. He can’t wait any longer and he challenges Richie to do his absolute worst on him and wreck his virgin body. Or if he was up late watching movies with us, every noise he heard would make him jump.Desperate to blow off steam, they make an unspoken arrangement to use and abuse each other however they like. Mikey Mike: I’d date Richie *thumbs up emoji*Trashmouth: Mike... Richie was never the anxious type, usually quite the opposite, but as he passed the old, dilapidated sign that read ‘Welcome to Derry’, he felt trepidation swell in his gut.Things start to heat up, the two grow closer, and their arrangement could heal old wounds - or tear open painful new ones.[ON HIATUS] Trashmouth: I AM A CATCH THANK YOU VERY MUCHBev: we all know that Rich. It had been years since he’d been to Derry or seen anyone from it.He felt slightly guilty at that, knowing that some of his closest friends still resided there.But in all honesty, they were the only ones keeping him there in the first place.She is currently an examiner for both the specialist and sub specialist exams.She is a senior examiner for the Australian Medical Council.

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