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Go the extra mile to make sure your kids are using the protective measures they’ve been taught and stay involved long after the initial safety conversations.Your consistent follow up and involvement is what will turn your child's good choices into your child's good habits.

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Meow Chat users might mostly be savvy teens, capable of telling the odd weirdo to shove off, but that doesn't mean the app shouldn't offer more security and better ways to weed out seedy come-ons.

Perhaps the answer is yes, but the fact is that parents need to protect their kids starting right now.

Predators on social networking sites can lie about who they are all day long, but if your child never takes the bait then he or she will never become a victim. It is our responsibility as parents to educate our children about these important topics so think about this as an educational topic like Algebra or driving a car.

In Ashleigh’s case, her new friend was a predator who had lied about his identity, posing as a 17-year-old boy.

Many were quick to point fingers at Facebook: can’t they do more to prevent people from lying about who they are online?

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    After a new member signs up, the team will typically arrange the first introduction within 10 days.

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    We are proud to be a founding congregation of the LGBTQ affirming Alliance of Baptists and early members of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

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    This is, unsurprisingly, pretty strongly gendered: There are tons of men who are, say, 36, and list their dating age range from 20 – 35, or women who are 28 and list their dating age range from 29 – 44.