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I don't know when or where I first discovered Marie Kondo's first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but the second I saw the inviting title, I ordered it pronto.I've always struggled to keep my spaces straight — it just seemed to take too much time and require too much energy.They felt particularly bloated the next morning, having fully replenished their contents to the boiling point.Despite my age, I play in the senior football team at our college.As a result, the kitchen slumped into a random assortment of junk. not to mention a drawer full of spare knives), and I avoided getting rid of anything!I accumulated way beyond my means (I somehow ended up with five zesters and 50 kitchen towels . It became impossible to close cabinets unless they were fastened with rubber bands around the handles, and I always had to forcefully shove my drawers closed with my hip.Her denim cutoff jeans didn't conceal much of her tanned buttcheeks and muscular legs.All the boys were delirious with lust when she walked down the hall, her heart-shaped ass exposed for all to see.

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I was used to all this prickteasing, since my mother and sister also wore outrageous garments at home in order to stiffen my tireless prick into another round of wild incestual sex.

Her expert blowjobs always emptied my over-bloated balls during our «private tuition » sessions. », she asked while her hands ran along my engorging manmeat.

One day, I questioned my sister about Suzie and Lisa. « Well, I just prefer it when you and mom do it, cos at least I get to fuck you after that. My stiffening rod was starting to feel unconfortable in my baggy jeans.

And yet, the time had come, and the overflowing cabinets begged to be sorted.

I started with removing the stuff on the countertop and discovered a rotten avocado just casually decomposing in my napkin holder. Wasting avocado is a sin, and sorry for the TMI.) Instead of supporting my usual habits of tiptoeing away from the mess, I bid a sweet "thank you" to the napkin holder (and, don't laugh, the avocado too) and swiftly tossed them in the trash.

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