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But that legislation, which takes effect from June 2019, only applies to terminally ill patients of sound mind and a life expectancy of less than six months.Assisted voluntary death According to Swiss law meanwhile, anyone who is of sound mind and who has over a period of time voiced a consistent wish to end their life can request so-called assisted voluntary death, or AVD.The average age of people who receive AVD from the foundation is 76, with the youngest being 32 and the oldest -- until now -- 99.' Very resentful' "I don't want to go to Switzerland," Goodall told broadcaster ABC before he set off on his final voyage last Wednesday, adding that he had to "to get the opportunity of suicide which the Australian system does not permit"."Then we shut off the camera, because the rest is intimate, private," Habegger said.It usually takes 20 to 30 seconds for the person to fall asleep. The heart just stops beating." Within a minute and a half, it is usually over, Habegger said.David Goodall, who caused a stir two years ago when his university tried unsuccessfully to have him declared unfit to be on campus, does not have a terminal illness but says his quality of life has deteriorated and that he wants to die.

"I landed, they took me to a driving lesson, and I said, 'You guys made a mistake here,'" Navarro told .

But Habegger stressed that the foundation strictly follows Swiss law, which bars any enrichment from helping a person take their own life.

Exit International, which helped Goodall make the trip, launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help upgrade the scientist and his helper to business class on their flight to Switzerland, and quickly raised more than Aus,000 (US,000).

Exit, with its some 140,000 members, functions fully on annual membership fees and can cover all expenses for those requesting an AVD.

But Eternal Spirit is much smaller and requires patients to pay for any necessary medical examinations and procedures prior to the act, which can be pricey in Switzerland.

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