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These companies are authorized to use the information we provide only as necessary to provide these services.

We do also send data to Programmatic Buyers using Demand Side Platforms such as Google Double Click Bid Manager, who buy our ad placements through programmatic auctions.

If cookies are cleared or deleted in your browser, this may delete the Teads opt-out cookie, and you may need to renew your opt-out choice for that browser.

Collected data are : To improve advertising relevance for users, Teads uses other data coming from trusted providers in order to infer general users interests (eg. We use the information we collect to deliver our services: In order to be able to deliver an ad and measure its performance, we need to share data with our different partners.

For security reasons, user’ IP address is stored in a private security log for a period of 4 months.

Teads uses generally accepted industry security standards to protect data.

This privacy policy details Teads data practices on how we collect, use, process and share the data we may collect through our advertising services as well as the ways in which individuals may exercise control over the use of information collected by us.

Teads does not collect or process any information that allows identifying a particular individual directly.

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