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“For starters, power for girls is about who has the most ‘Girl World’ things,” says Wiseman, using a phrase she coined to describe those things girls feel are vital to their survival.

It was a time before i Phones and Facebook and Whats App and yet so much of this article still rings true today.Despite the current hype, female bullying is nothing new …it’s just the devastating impact that experts had – until now – under-estimated.Although, he admits that most research indicates that girls are more likely to be the perpetrators – and the victims – of this more Machiavellian form of aggression.A point backed up by Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, a non-fiction book designed to help parents guide their daughters through the female politics of school.“Research shows that one in six Australian children is bullied on a weekly basis,” says Rigby.“I don’t think we’re taking bullying seriously enough.” Rigby points out that relational bullying is not limited to girls.It can be as subtle as a withering glance, as painful as lunchtime exclusion and as insidious as an email hate campaign designed to ruin the victim’s reputation.It’s hardly surprising then that experts now believe that relational abuse is often more damaging to the long-term psychological health of its victims than either physical or face-to-face verbal abuse.It’s happening more often than we thought and its results can be deadly.” Results like loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, social alienation, absenteeism and suicidal thinking.In the long-term, a formerly bullied child may have difficulty in trusting people, recurring social anxiety and depression.

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