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As well, almost everyone else he comes into contact with at any time.His unawareness of his destructive actions is most likely the result of him being a "defect", as revealed in the cancelled episode "The Trial".The contacts give his eyes a human appearance, and the wig covers his antennae; however, everything else about him, including his uniform and green skin, is left unchanged.

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Many Irkens are about the size of a preteen schoolchild, but Zim is exceptionally short, earning him ridicule from his fellow Irkens who are respected only if they are tall in height.One of Zim's abilities is his somewhat inconsistent skills at piloting; while in a tense situation he flies masterfully, but seems to crash on most other occasions, and his skills pale in comparison to opponents adept at hand-eye coordination or overall agility (such as Gaz).Zim also has admirable engineering ability; in "Walk of Doom", he singlehandedly improved the SIR unit guidance system chip, and in "Walk for Your Lives", he hand-built a variable time stasis field capable of altering individual time-fields.Zim's laugh and mannerisms can be said to be somewhat derived from a masculine equivalent to the unpleasant "ojou" stereotypes common in anime and manga, and "rich person"/"popular schoolgirl"/"spoiled brat" stereotypes of Western animated cartoons and movies, combined with the "overconfident alien invader" stereotype seen in sci-fi shows and movies.Despite his frequent displays of stupidity, it is clear that Zim is highly intelligent in some respects - being a keen manipulator of tools and devices - but has absolutely no apparent interest in thinking things through, and wastes much of his time fretting about or dealing with unimportant "threats." Moreover, it is evident that he is more than capable of conquering the Earth, yet he hardly ever uses this capability properly, and has often been very close to taking over the planet, only to be thwarted by his own negligence.It is possible that they also function as an organ in place of ears, as they picked up vibrations in "Battle of the Planets".While most Irkens are expected to be ruthlessly loyal to the Empire, Zim is considered overzealous even by their standards: Brash, arrogant and overconfident, Zim's tendency to cause wanton destruction makes him a danger to himself and his own people, yet he still considers himself a mighty Irken warrior.He is immensely proud of anything he creates, yet is often frustrated when his devices fail to live up to his grandiose expectations.Even though Zim often affirms that he wishes to enslave Earth, it has been hinted that he would not actually want to rule it.After arriving on Earth, Zim enrolled in the nearest elementary skool to begin his infiltration and gather information about the indigenous race. Zim's primary desire is to conquer Earth, mostly to prove his superiority and impress his leaders.However, as mentioned by Gaz in "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", "He's so bad at it." Although he is the protagonist, Zim is morally, and ethically a villain, being an overall fairly unsympathetic character, though he occasionally shows some kindness towards certain characters, (such as GIR in "Walk of Doom"), and is usually only causing chaos and destruction for either himself, his own race, or Earth.

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