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Persons unfamiliar with the Northwest should heed weather reports and bulletins of the State highway department and dress as warmly as possible during winter travel.What appears as a light flurry of snow may in a few moments become a blizzard, blocking highways and making travel impossible. runs N., then W., while cut-off runs in northwesterly direction. of grade crossing where view obstructed, 20 m.; on any highway in business or residence district, 25 m.; passing school during recess or while children are going to or leaving school, 20 m. Personal injury or property damage ( or over) must be reported to civil authorities. Highways: Eight Federal highways, seven of them transcontinental or with international connections. State highway patrol checks violations of State highway laws and enforces regulations. Motor Vehicle Laws (digest): Maximum speed, 50 m.; on curves and at intersections, 20 m.; approaching within 50 ft.Camp Fires: Any person leaving a fire without thoroughly extinguishing it, so that it burns any wood or prairie, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.Poisonous Snakes and Plants: Rattlesnakes are rare, but are sometimes found in the following areas: south of Bismarck in Missouri River vicinity; western Emmons County, along Missouri; in valleys of Heart, Little Missouri, and Cannonball Rivers; and in Badlands.Deer may be possessed until 90 days after close of season.

Fish and Game Laws: Game fish are defined as black bass, wall-eyed pike, northern pike, perch, sunfish, crappie, trout, and landlocked salmon. Prohibited: No use of drugs, lime, fish berries, or explosives. In spring and fall the days are intermittently cool and warm, and topcoats are a necessity. It is advisable, however, to have topcoats of medium weight as evenings are generally cool. Sales and Cigarette Taxes: Two percent sales tax on all purchases, payable in cash. Climate and Equipment: Summer travelers should be prepared for extremely warm weather. (Milwaukee); Farmers’ Grain & Shipping Company (Farmers’ Line); Great Northern Ry. Quarters at lake resorts crowded Fourth of July week. Cars may be admitted without charge to Canada for touring purposes and may be operated 60 days under State licenses; on request, period can be extended to 90 days. Northern Transportation Co.: Minot to Rolla via US 83 and ND 5, Minot to Watford City via US 83 and ND 23. Persons not citizens should be able to establish that they are legally resident in the United States and that they will be readmitted when returning to this country. Interstate Transportation Co.: Bismarck to Minot via US 83, Minot to Williston via US 2, Minot to Portal via US 52, Minot to Bismarck via US 52, ND 41, and US 83. Customs Regulations: Persons entering United States must report to U. United States citizens should be prepared to prove citizenship. Checker Transportation Co.: Fargo to Minot via US 10, ND 18, ND 7, and US 52; also Fargo to Minot via US 10, ND 18, US 81, and US 2. Hanford Airlines: Bismarck to Tulsa (stop at Bismarck). Lighted fields: A-1, Fargo and Bismarck; intermediate, Valley City, Jamestown, Dawson, Glen Ullin, Dickinson, Golva, Pembina. Those entering Canada must report to Canadian immigration and customs officers at point of entry. Bus Lines: Northland Greyhound Lines: Fargo via US 10 to Glendive, Mont., Fargo via US 81 to Winnipeg. Time limit for operation of car in State by nonresident, 90 days. Prohibited: Parking on highways; use of stickers, except those required by law, on windshield or windows.

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    Also, in the winter, make sure you take off your right glove before you shake hands with a man. When the two of you get onto or off of buses, trams, taxis, etc., always extend your hand to help your lady. - When at dinner or at a bar, always make sure that your lady's glass is full. Therefore, when it comes to drinking, you should always show moderation and self-control. - To avoid bringing dirt into their homes, Ukrainian citizens almost never wear their shoes inside. They usually have an extra pair or two for guests near the front door.

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