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There is no indication given in the index as to whether the entry is a birth or a baptism, but it is more usual for the index entry to show the baptism date.

The amount of information recorded can be variable and most entries contain very little detail.

As with other records, you might get the best results by doing a wide search first then narrowing down.

The church register search allows you to search for baptisms (or births, marriages (or banns), burials (or deaths) and other events (like confirmations, sick calls and confessions in the Roman Catholic church).

Choose which of the type of register you are searching from these four, then select a church (from Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic Church and other churches).

In addition, rapid urbanisation during the 19th century contributed to the diminishing influence of the Church and a decrease in registration in these areas.

It was estimated at the time that as few as 30% of events actually occurring were being recorded for some urban parishes. However in a small number of districts the local registrar was not in place at the very beginning and therefore there are a small number of events that are recorded in Old Parish Registers but are not featured in our statutory records.

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