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Perhaps someone might face this daunting and unpleasant task.

Written by Rerevisionist The 'Flynn Effect', named for James R.

Britain during and after Cromwell had critics; both the French and British were aware Napoleon was funded by Jews, as was Wellington; in each case, amid the wreckage, intensive propaganda was used to silence such people, and to ally with and fund their opponents.

The disaster of the 'Great War' was largely the product of the funded simpleton Balfour; the next world war was largely arranged by Churchill, with the Jew-funded Stalin, and Jew-funded American and 'American' politicians.

• Jewish supremacy brings a number of lessons: (1) Secrecy and shameless lies work.

I've been told that, today, 35% of British voters say they would not knowingly vote for a Jew.And (2) the coup in the USA, with the Federal Reserve (1913) and 50 years later the murder of Kennedy, buoyed up by the myths of the Holohoax and of (in my view) nuclear weapons.The internal stresses of parasitism are immense: vast fortunes are wasted on Jewish propaganda in all the media, in the education systems, in misplaced and harmful projects.Now let's try to survey the world as it is now: • The population issue seems likely to result in population crashes on a colossal scale: I doubt whether Africa's huge population, plus its future likely increase, can ever be brought to any level of wealth.• Jewish greed, and the Jewish desire to control money in all countries, and their permanent need for violence and hate and repression of intelligence and education, show no signs of abating.For example, Lyndon Johnson in the USA and, earlier, Clement Attlee, would have had their policies exposed in a way impossible at the time, had Internet existed.• It is to be expected that Jews will continue to identify, fund, bribe, and blackmail, as usual.The official binomial nomenclature of 'the Flynn effect' dates from 1994, when The Bell Curve was published; or so Flynn said himself in 2006, in Scientific American.Flynn states that Reed Tuddenham was the first to present convincing evidence, 'using a nation-wide sample', of IQ gains over time.(3) Co-operation across nations is highly effective. Perhaps these will have to be introduced in countries facing Jewish immigration. It seems likely nuclear weapons were a fraud all along.This will no doubt be kept secret until some opportune moment.

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