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[1] I have now — May/June 2011 — revised it to take some of Hannay's findings into account, though at certain points my interpretation of events is slightly different.] In 1621, everyone in King James's court was talking about a scandalous book that had been published by Lady Mary Wroth.

Wroth was probably expecting trouble from Urania's publication, as she wrote to James's current favourite, the Duke of Buckingham, disingenuously professing her confusion at the 'strange constructions' made of her book and promising to withdraw it from sale and to recover the copies that were abroad (including the copy she presented to Buckingham himself! [3] This gesture seems to have had no real effect on the readership for Urania, because by 9 March 1622, not only were people well aware of the titillating nature of Wroth's romance but, as the letter-writer John Chamberlain indicates, some were also aware of the exchange between Wroth and Denny: Chamberlain states, in a letter enclosing Denny's verses sent to Chamberlain's main correspondent, Sir Dudley Carleton, The other paper are certain bitter verses of the Lord Dennies upon the Lady Marie Wroth, for that in her booke of Urania she doth palpablie and grossely play upon him and his late daughter Lady Hayes, besides many others she makes bold with, and they say takes great libertie or rather licence to traduce whom she please, and thincks she daunces in a net.

Even more enticing in this period was the possibility that Leicester might marry the queen, following the scandalous death of his wife Amy in a fall in 1560.

But from this point on, Leicester managed his relationship with Elizabeth badly, culminating in his messy affair with Lady Sheffield and a secret marriage in 1578 (when he had given up on thoughts of Elizabeth) to the Countess of Essex.

The narrative that produced the most dramatic furore concerned the marriage in 1607 of Honora Denny to James Hay.

Hay was a favourite of King James, and Wroth described the extravagant wedding, but also the shaky marriage, which involved Honora's adultery and violent responses from both her husband and her father.

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