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For example, we did not detect a difference in white matter volume between patients and controls.

The study was sufficiently powered to detect alterations in the rich-club connectivity, but was too small to investigate the association with other MRI metrics in depth.

Taking the functional data into account, one might hypothesize that a continuous loss of rich-club connectivity can only be compensated by peripheral connections in the early phase. Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content: J.-P.

However, preliminary data in RRMS indicate that the shift toward more peripheral connectivity is detectable within a time frame of 6 months and might be reduced by an exercise intervention.

However, especially spinal cord pathology in this patient group might influence disability by means of the EDSS and mobility assessment and make the interpretation of our association results more difficult.

S.), University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany. From the Institut für Neuroimmunologie und Multiple Sklerose (INIMS) (J.-P. Moreover, it is unknown how these functional changes translate into altered structural connectivity.

The insensitivity of global graph metrics has been described before.

In contrast to our rich-club analyses, conventional global graph metrics did not differ between patients and controls.

These findings support our observation that PPMS affects particularly the regions of the brain with a prominent and integrative role in the structural connectome, whereas peripheral connections are less compromised, preserved, or even rewired due to neurorepair.

This interpretation is supported by data indicating that atrophy appears to follow nonrandom patterns in MS correlated with cognitive impairment and disability.

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