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Maybe an industry that encourages putting good ol' boys together with drinking and truck-driving songs wasn't quite ready to delve into the darkest sides of a daring woman with honest-to-goodness substance who could deliver such a hard-hitting concept album.

At least the Americana Music Association recognized Moorer's talent with an artist of the year nomination in 2004.

The instrument was unplugged, an audience member politely said.

That show came less than two months after the release of her second record.

But the next day I went back to Nashville and did whatever I had to do next." Comparing notes with her friend about that return to normalcy, Moorer mentioned texting Rosanne Cash two days after this year's Grammys, when Johnny's daughter won three for her work on 2014's .

Cash's categories weren't part of the TV show, giving Moorer an excuse to turn elsewhere. The aftermath for Cash included cooking breakfast for her son Jake, taking him to school and going back home to do laundry, Moorer related, amused about the "glamorous" lives they lead.

So I was quite inspired by that part of it." Oscar, though, wasn't kind to Moorer, who lost out to "When You Believe" from , which was performed that night by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Being around movie stars and that whole Hollywood thing was interesting.

Still, Moorer said, it was "a really cool experience. And I figured out it was sort of like the music business but on a much bigger, richer scale.

"Just be happy where I am, no matter where that is.I was OK." Recalling that moment as a 26-year-old, Moorer said, "Well, can you believe that was 16 years ago? He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly what he wanted and he knew exactly how to get it.And had surrounded himself with people that he trusted in order to carry out that vision."I won't ever stop making music in whatever way that I can.But I'm limited in my ability to actually do what the job of singer-songwriter demands, so I'm very aware of that., which Greenberg produced, might have been her finest and most personal during those years.It ended with "Cold, Cold Earth," a haunting hidden track she wrote about her parents' murder-suicide at home in Alabama when Moorer was only 14.But I had to get comfortable with talking about my son's autism and my divorce from Steve. Before the end of the millennium, she not only worked with actor/director Robert Redford, her brief honky-tonk bar appearance in r providing a romantic backdrop as the leading man danced with Kristin Scott Thomas, but also performed at the 71st Academy Awards.You know, those things aren't real easy to talk about. I don't know if I can say it any better than that." Moorer declined to go into details about her impending divorce, saying it's "not quite" official, but did offer, "I don't think any divorce is ever good. Our ground zero was John Henry and we both want to do what is best for him. "A Soft Place to Fall," the song she cowrote with Gwil Owen and sang in the movie, was nominated for an Oscar. I had gotten this amazing opportunity to be in a Robert Redford movie, and I had done that, which was surreal enough." Filming on location in Montana was a "pretty crazy" experience, Moorer said, adding, "I didn't know what was going on but, you know, I tried to act like I knew what I was doing even though I didn't. "I realized somehow that I was in the presence of a great artist.But, for the most part, I'm pretty happy." Moorer did seem at ease while discussing -- among other significant subjects -- her return to the music world as she prepares for the release of two months before John Henry.The powerful Kenny Greenberg-produced record, coming out March 17 (e One Nashville), courageously addresses her split from outlaw countryman Steve Earle and her son's autism that was officially diagnosed in early 2012.

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