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I think it will be difficult to perform because it is all set in one room, really, and involves six women and no men and we all make long speeches about sex and being f–ed by crucifixes.

Do you know people thought the Marquis de Sade had no interest in religion?

'It was written by the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

He was a famous writer in Japan and lived a fascinating life.

'Judi Dench plays my mother,' Pike says ruminatively. I have acted with her before but I didn't really have the confidence to talk to her. 'I was so young and I wasn't sure about what I was doing, and if I could do it, and all those things. She then won a place at Wadham College, Oxford, where she graduated with a 2.1 in English.

'She doesn't approve of her daughter's actions.' Is acting with Dench in any way a scary thought? I was scared of everything then, you see.' She is referring to when, at the age of 21, she was cast as Miranda Frost in the Bond film Die Another Day. 'I found it all pretty scary.' What was it that she found so scary, though? I felt very out of my depth.' It was her first big job, so I wonder whether she was concerned about being typecast as a Bond girl? She certainly knows her Proust from her Pirandello.

It's a very strange experience interviewing Rosamund Pike.

If it's true, well, more fool him for being such a prude, but who knows? In fact, neither of them has ever talked about it and she's not going to start now. In fact, it's great if you go places on your own because people approach you in a way they don't when you are with someone.' She also tells of how she ended up in Atlanta and went to see a huge arch that was built for the Olympics.

Instead she tells me that, despite stories in gossip columns linking her to this person or that person, she is resolutely single. 'There were all these schoolgirls there,' she says.

She seemed to come from absolutely nowhere yet was received with rapturous attention by audiences worldwide (you should see the fan sites dedicated to her – they're pretty intense). Halfway through her degree, though, she decided to leave to go to drama college. I had to crawl back to Wadham and beg to be allowed to finish my degree.' It didn't put her off being an actress, however. 'It's what I love doing.' She says that she did end up enjoying herself at Oxford because, in her final year, she fell in love.

'I had been in the National Youth Theatre in Romeo and Juliet,' she says. 'It was like that sentence in Brideshead, about a door finally opening and you suddenly see what it's all about. I have wonderful memories of being there and it seemed to be endlessly summer and it was wonderful to be in love, really…' Her boyfriend, Simon Woods, went on to become an actor, too, and after they split up was cast alongside her in the film Pride & Prejudice in 2005.

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