Simplifymedia updating

Even if you don't have Windows Media Player 11, however, recent versions of WMP (i.e.

in Windows Media Player 11, for example, it's on the lower right once you're in the Rip menu).

If you don't have an Internet connection or if Windows Media Player can't find your album, you can update the album and music info manually in Windows Media Player by right clicking on each individual piece of info you want to edit (e.g. Before you start ripping, note the check marks next to each song. Feel free to uncheck any songs you don't particularly care for and don't want to be ripped.

Once you're all set, you can then click on the "Start Rip" button. Once you're done ripping, you'll see the message "Ripped to library" next to each song.

Make sure you uncheck the "Always do this for Audio CDs" box so your computer doesn't automatically launch the Rip menu every time you insert a CD (i.e.

in case you just want to listen to a CD next time).

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