Sims 3 pets dating

The most visible example of this was in the Ninja trait.When a Sim had the level one Ninja trait, the Sim walked faster.In the Insane trait, Sims could reduce the need of being social and could talk to plants without visiting people (in previous versions, talking to plants also eliminated the energy needed to fulfill Social).

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.Each career consisted of 5 levels each with three sub-levels.To advance in their given career players were required to submit appointments for various jobs.There were six skills: art, cooking, music, writing, athletic, driving, and various project skill items which were tied with specific themed collections.Developing higher level skill levels allowed Sims to obtain new objects.The traits were: Slob, Steel Bladder, Neat, Super Mechanic, Insane, Ogre, Ninja, Great Kisser, Night Owl, Expert Cook, Music Maestro, and Art Virtuoso.When the player upgraded the level of a trait, the trait became more prominent in the Sim's lifestyle.However, careers in The Sims Social were much different than those of previous Sim games.Sims could aspire to three different career paths: Rocker, Chef, and Artist.There were 12 traits for Sims in The Sims Social and could only be purchased with Lifetime Points.All traits featured between three and five levels; each needing to be bought at a higher price of Lifetime Points than the last one.

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