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On the other hand, sexuality used to harm another, such as in the case of rape, only gives birth to trauma.

Affair sex is the deepest blow that a marriage or monogamous couple can experience.

I hope that anyone who reads this article realizes that every sexual partner matters and that even if the “other person” goes away, the other person will leave a lasting biological mark on both you and your partner.

I also wanted to state that the purpose of this article is NOT to shame anyone based on personal choices.

It is also not the intent of the article to sway betrayed spouses in one way or another.

It is to educate betrayed spouses and wayward spouses; it is my hope that wayward spouses will understand the implications of extramarital sex.

This article in not about religion or morality, it is about very real biological consequences that are a fact of life even if they are inconvenient to anyone’s world view.

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