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Pick the latest and the greatest from your Atari Dealer or fill in the coupon to order by mail. Please tick Mle(s) required Archon £14 99 G Ballblazer Ei4 99 fjl Rescue on Fractalus £14 99 □ Fight Night £1499 □ Blue Max £14.99 □ Twilight World £4.99 □ Ihunderfox £4 99 □ Compilation £4 99 □ Forward cheque/postal order (or total amount accompanied by this order (orm to: Atari Corp (UK) Limited, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough, Berks SL2 5BZ Name (Mr/Mrs/Mlss) P HM C0At Dl«lf "V-| Ol OC» (JO Ull Ad d re ss f J5i* hi*. 6 0*|S to* d#H«rr i Postcode A ATARI SPECIALS 31 Break The Bank Want lo be a millionaire?We check out gambling theory - plus the software that claims to help you beat the bookies and win the pools Predict he score and scoop the pools with Poolswtnner 67 Bandits at 6 O'Clock .7 o'clock and 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock and. Or Points Are you an alien assassin who cares lor nothing but the whimper ot expiring life-forms and your position on the hi-score table - or are you a planetary pio- neer who aims for the final screen, no matter how many bonuses you relinquish on the way?GAMEPLAY 41 Screen Test This month's red-hot releases face the ACE chal- lenge.Checkout Digital Integration's first non-simu- lator title - ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter, plus stunning shoot-lo-survive graphics on Xenon, you can actually talk to the aliens in Intogrames' Captain Blood.Plymouth • I FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 1988 • No part ol this publication may be reproduced Ifl any lorm without our permisson. 'It's outselling the ST two to one.' Down in Southend-on-Sea. Estuary Computers" Nick told us that over Christmas the ST was outselling Ihe Amiga by three to one. The higher pnce of the Commodore machine, added Nick, was putting a lol of people off buying it in prefer- ence to the ST.At Loughborough's Charnwood Computers the ST was reported to be outselling the Amiga by a factor of 10 to 1 and the shop's Alan Chrich- ton fell there would be no change in the situation unless Commodore cut the Amiga's pnce substantially Alan also thought lhat if the Amiga were VIRGIN TAKE 16-BIT RISK Virgin are following the suc- cess of Diplomacy with the comput- er version ol Risk, to be released under the Leisure Genius label.Certainly there's more to com- puter entertainment than just gameplay - check out our article in this issue on gambling, for exam- ple. You're probably bursting with good ideas, so let's hear them, or - even better - let's see them.

ENTERTAINMENT CAPTAIN BLOOD Inlogrames' Clone Ranger DEAD • REVIEWED CERT!75 Tricks n Tactics Superior's very superior Bonectunchei laid bare in a 2-page players' guide - not to mention the last two levels ol Nebulus.tips for Gryzor, Red October, and Ouedex, plus the complete 90% proof solution to Andy Capp.An Atari spokesman expressed satisfaction with ST sales last year, describing the machine as Ihe fastest-seling home computer t around within a month or two.Quaflorba W Jon Elway leans on Ouarletba Advanced Computer Entertainment 9 METAL MOGGIES TAKE OVER Steve Cooke reports from the Earls Court Toy Fair...Monopoly deluxe, and Cluedo Deluxe Ounoo, the coming year Waddingtons are revamping Cluedo. These changes will all be incorporaled in the new Leisure Genius version." confirmed Patricia, who went on to say that Virgin are looking to release more ' .advanced computer entertain- ment. the same pnce as the ST then 'Atari wouldn'i stand a chance'. Estimates of the number of 16-bil users vary; Commodore claim there is an inslalled user-base of 25- 30.000 while Atan claim 1 10,000 for Ihe ST.We're looking at games m a more strategic vein.' But Virgin aren't playing by the board alone - they've also got their eyes on other game genres, and mention historical simulations as a possibility Not only that, but their interactive video division is pioneer- ing a CO ROM exploration game about the North Pole, while other Virgin companies are involved in video distribution and program pro- duction The B-bit market is flood- ed", declares Patricia, and we're going the way of 16-blt, tor people who are still looking lor real 'games games' The Virgin Gang ol Fi*... Olher voices, though, sug- gest lhat Ihese figures may be jusl a little on ihe optimistic side - reliable sources suggested more realistic numbers would be around 80-90.000 for the ST and 20-22.000 for the Amiga. Ihe UK's still doing pretty well in the 16-bit stakes; m Ihe USA there are only 140.000 STs m homes.AFTERBURNER Sega scotched PINK PAGES INTERVIEW iii-m'jf'Ni'j Midnight man's pla Atari have always had the greatest arcade games in the galaxy, now they're adding even more winners to the collection. W.1 biplane, to the brain-aching Archon battle of wits.Whether you're landing the punches with Fight Night or using the awesome power of Thunderfox to blast the enemy, Atari give you the best com- bination of graphics speed and skill this side of Alpha Centauri.of a it, yc Atar ALL GAMES SHOWN ARE COMPATIBLE WITH: ATARI XE GAMES SYSTEM, ATAI 65X E FIGHT NIGHT by Accolade V H GHTN.GHT-ROI^£^ c - p - hengu ide htm Then there is Atari's compilation cassette of all time favourites, which at only £4.99, makes com * it, you guessed it, the best value on Earth!

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