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In the original French it is spelled “de la Rue”; today it is also often spelled as one word in English-speaking countries.

Other alternative spellings found include “De La Rew”, “De La Roux” and ”De La Reu”.

He left his wife and four children in England; Mary Ann was expecting the fifth (Elizabeth). Joseph was my great-great-great-grandfather – his daughter Edith married Robert Betts, and their daughter Sarah married James De La Rue, my great-grandfather.

There are many variations on the spelling of his surname – it was spelt “Thorogood” on ship’s records, but also appears as “Thoroughgood”, “Thurgood”, “Thurrowgood” and others.

I have records of over 2,000 descendants (including spouses) of Thomas and Tabitha.

Other De La Rue families of interest include: The name “De La Rue” The name is French in origin (meaning “of the street” or “of the road”).

The motto with this is: ”Cherche la verité” (”Seek the truth”).

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They arrived with eight children as assisted migrants on the (570t, Master J.

Alexander), after departing London, , and settled at Germantown (now Grovedale, a suburb of Geelong), Vic.

Two more children were born in Australia after they arrived.

(In some countries, prefixes like “de la” are sometimes ignored.) The name appears in France, and has also been on the Channel Islands (particularly Guernsey) for some time.

There are suggestions that the name may have either noble or Huguenot associations, and that it arrived in England from France as early as the late 11th century.

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