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More than any previous Nationals, this year’s Speed portion brought drama. First, Piper Kelly cruised the route in a swift 9.45 seconds.

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So let’s take a step back here to appreciate the fact that he is a five-time National Champion—he has a ring for every finger, as they say.We have organized this letter around evidence that the Fed’s dual policy goals are straining financial conditions in peripheral components of four critical sectors: emerging markets, global financial institutions, U. The buzz felt amplified at Saturday’s USA Climbing Sport and Speed National Championships at Mesa Rim Reno.I’m excited to see how this trifecta progresses in the coming year, with each woman training and getting faster still.When I say that this year’s Speed portion brought some drama, I’m referring to the Women’s portion.Coaches should use that moment to teach perseverance on the wall.And if the comp had a highlight reel, Kiersch’s composure and control would deserve a featured segment.Like Buhrfeind, he is also a young competitor (21) with a lot of international competition experience. We know he's good, but would he be in top form after a year away? Bailey came back rejuvenated and smoother than ever.While he did fall victim to the barn-door crux in Semifinals, his performance in Finals was fluid.In her second attempt, Kelly wowed the crowd with a 9-flat.Buhrfeind's first run had been a bust, so it all came down to her second attempt—could she beat Kelly to snag the championship?

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