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He always does whatever I tell him to do, willingly and with enthusiasm, the second I tell him to do it." I paused for a second to gather my thoughts, "You know, with the right boy, it doesn't take much to get to that point!I had Willie doing whatever I wanted within the first month, maybe two, after I started dating him." "How do you know if you have the right boy? I decided when I left California to come to school here, that I was going to find my guy.I love Willie, but his choice in music is completely inexplicable.The music was loud enough to block his hearing of the outside world, but not so loud as to damage his ears.His chin was tilted up a bit and his head, cocked, much like a dog does when he is listening for his mistress."Don't worry," I said, "Willie can't hear us or see us, and in fact, he doesn't even know you're here." Barb spoke, a little shocked, "He doesn't know? " "I don't think so," I said, "When we both agreed that I would be the boss, and he would be in effect, my slave, he understood that he was giving up a significant amount of free will, and he would have to rely on my good judgement about stuff like this.Willie was blindfolded, and in his mouth was a ball gag.

I wish it were otherwise, but it is not." Barb had an excellent question, one that took me back a bit.

I take pride in how I protect and care for my property, and Willie is MINE!

He was calm, trusting in me, as his owner, to keep him safe and unharmed.

So, I was pretty assertive with the guys that interested me, and if I liked him enough, I was flat out honest about what I wanted in a relationship.

Guys are too afraid of what their friends will say to make that first statement of interest in this sort of thing.

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