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I realize that the phrase “soft-skills” is not a favorite term for many trainers who teach these “essential skills.” For now, however, rather than focusing on semantics, I want to pass along some icebreakers that folks in our community have shared with me.To get people in the mindset to share ownership over making the learning event successful, I often do an ‘appreciative’ exercise.I have a great collection of picture post cards, many of which have been sent to me by art galleries to advertising an opening and some that are recycled greeting/note cards.I spread the postcards out on a table at the back of the room and having opened the workshop, introduced the topic and myself, and given participants a road-map for how the session will run, I invite them to go back and choose a card that represents “Where you struggle most when presenting your ideas to others/getting ideas from your team/engaging with hotel guests”…

I then go around the room and ask each person share their name and a brief description of their role (for my benefit, if they all work together) and tell us, in a couple of sentences, why they chose the card they did.You need to know how the skills of your colleagues will complement or support your own skill set.You have two minutes per person to do three tasks: We decided to leave the conversation there as there was a related exercise later in the meeting to build in the learning of their colleague’s skills.Believe me, it got personal, but the mood of the room instantly changed.Laughter, positivity, all round behaviors changed once we all had had a laugh and knew more about each others lives.Alternatively, you could ask them to follow on with identifying one person from their table that they would like to work with, based on their strengths and experience being different to their own.Of course, you could also then have two or three volunteers share who and why they’d work with to the wider group. You fill each cup up with water and talk about how we are all like these paper cups.The exercise is high energy and lets participants meet one another, while remaining focused on the day’s agenda.The exercise is described in full on Thiagi’s website: [email protected] online by In this icebreaking / team building activity everyone makes a very simple origami cup (all you need is a piece of paper for each person, card stock. If all the cups are strong then the group is strong.If a cup loses some of the water then in spills on to the other cups. The better they “hold” their part of the work the less work that spills onto the team.

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