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"Each pastry chef is so unique and creative that each dessert bar is going to have its own character," he says.And with the restaurant industry set to reach a record high of 1 billion in annual sales this year, according to Riehle, there's nothing bitter about this sweet trend.A clear indication of America's growing sweet tooth is in consumers' dining habits.According to Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research at the National Restaurant Association in Washington, DC, nearly one in three fine-dining operators reported that consumers bought more desserts this year than two years ago.Years on the list: 2 out of 20 The verdict is in: Chocolate has officially gone from sinful to unstoppable.In fact, trend-watching firm Datamonitor named chocolate "the new coffee" in a list of the top 10 trends to watch.

A study by the Organic Trade Association shows that nonfood organic product sales reached 4 million in U. consumer sales in 2005, with supplements, personal care and household products leading the charge.Development, installation and creative application of these technologies are all possibilities for entrepreneurs."It won't be just one alternative energy source that will be the silver bullet to solve our problems; it will be multiple options," says Nabil Nasr, director of the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.Nasr advises businesses to diversify their marketing and selling sources."It's really easy for startups to pop up overnight," says Carven."Ultimately, it's the rising fuel prices that are convincing people to get onboard," says Carven (above).Greasecar sales have grown by more than 200 percent each year over the past couple of years and are expected to reach up to .5 million this year.And you can't go wrong with basics like chocolate snacks or a shelf-stable ganache.Says Steuer, "The world of chocolate is wide open for anyone to succeed if they take the right steps." New! In fact, this American staple is getting so much attention that it's inspiring some of the country's top chefs to start their own burger restaurants--including husband-and-wife team Tim and Liza Goodell, 40 and 36, respectively.Fine-dining operators also indicated the strongest growth in desserts.In January, Stephane Lemagnen and Laurent Lanneau, 31 and 34, respectively, catered to the craving by opening Room 4 Dessert, one of New York City's first dessert-only establishments.

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