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Therefore the meeting point on the second day was 30 minutes away from that of the previous day.

would look forward to see some innovative approach to this. They will both cover equal distances and meet at a point which is 1/8th of the total distance from P. Hence total distance = 24*8 = 192 miles _________________ Karishma Private Tutor for GMATContact: [email protected]@Bunuel - Very neat explanation. _________________ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What you do TODAY is important because you're exchanging a day of your life for it!

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On the second day first bus traveled alone 1 hour (36min 24min), hence covered \(0.25d\), and \(0.75d\) is left cover.

They meet again at the halfway of \(0.75d\), which is 24 miles from \(\frac\):\(\frac-24=\frac\)\(d=192\) On day 1Next day, in 1 hr, B2 travels v distance = d/4 miles, and then it travels (24 miles d/4) from there for t hrs at speed v where it meets B1 (B1 has also traveled for t hrs by then)(24 d/4)/v = (d/2-24)/v=A bus from city M is traveling to city N at a constant speed while another bus is making the same journey in the opposite direction at the same constant speed. The following day the buses do the return trip at the same constant speed. Probability and Combinations Questions With Solutions; 7 Tough and tricky exponents and roots questions; 8 12 Easy Pieces (or not?

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