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He thought he would die of shame as the burly policemen and his female partner handcuffed him and took him to the station.

In the patrol car, the officers laughed uncontrollably about how the rest of the squad would never believe what they caught Sam doing. Johnson was adamant that you spend some real time in juvenile hall to 'learn your lesson.'" Sam's heart sank.

Gladys has been such a help to me since I moved to Englebrook, and I do so trust her judgment." Gladys all but stuck her tongue out at Susan. Johnson said, a note of excitement creeping into her voice. Let's just tell the truth, go home, and call this whole thing off. She didn't know which was worse: the affidavit detailing under oath that her son was an effeminate sissy; the admissions of criminal liability in the event that the affidavit was found to be untrue; or the authorization giving Ms. Well, you'll never believe…" Gladys closed her phone with a satisfied grin. I just don't know." The phone rang interrupting her thoughts. However, she still enjoyed hearing Biff recount the sissy-boy's latest humiliation. He was wearing a body-hugging navy sheath with a round white collar and three-quarter length sleeves. " Sam cringed slightly, but kept a smile planted on his lips. Johnson had torn up the documents that forced him to pretend he was an effeminate sissy. Gladstone to let you dance with a real girls' dance troupe. Besides, who would do all the cooking and cleaning?

She was a well-kept elderly matron, dressed expensively and stylishly. Clearing her throat, she took a more businesslike tone. You should never break into someone's home and take their things." "I'm really sorry, Ms. But I only did it because I, uh, like to wear panties. " "That's easy for you to say; you're not the one who'll have to go to jail," Sam said bitterly. Johnson the right to "examine" Sam at her discretion to ensure the truthfulness of his affidavit. Susan knew from experience that she was vindictive and persistent. " She picked up her well-used cell phone and hit speed dial. By end of the day, everyone in the neighborhood would know about the day's developments. I swear, I'll never do anything that stupid again." Susan replaced her coffee cup and saucer. When his mother returned, Sam happily announced his plan to do nothing but play video games all day long. And the special meeting where he was introduced at the Junior League was priceless. Not noticing his mother, he busily primped and preened, patting his "big" hair into place and giving his bouffant a thorough going over with the can of hairspray in his hand. But when he excitedly brought up returning to malehood, his mother had laughed in his face. The way your boobies look in a bullet bra and a pretty angora sweater? " When a return to pants was denied, he tried to convince his mother to at least let him wear some modern fashions; after all, even girls wore jeans. " Susan's frustration was obvious in the tone of her voice. Susan spoke first: "Gladys, I certainly didn't expect to see you here. Of course, that's a different matter entirely from a nasty boy who would do that as a horrid prank… I'm sorry about all this, but Gladys is just so insistent. " Susan sat stunned as Gladys smugly produced a stack of legal documents in front of her and brandished an expensive pen to sign with. You know, it's very interesting; I've known Sam all his life, and I've never been aware of his penchant for cross-dressing. Susan hated the way she and her son were being manipulated. And Sam and his mom entered the room, they both stopped dead in their tracks. Her presence could only mean bad things for her son and her. Anyway, it would be wrong of me not to forgive a boy so desperate to wear panties that he was willing to break into someone's house and steal them. "Well, Susan, dearest, if you and Sam would just sign these, we can all get this unpleasant criminal business behind us and discuss more pleasant things. Gladys replied smugly: "Nothing to be concerned about, unless, of course, you and your criminal son are lying to Ms. As you can imagine, fraud to avoid prosecution is a very serious criminal offense; even worse than robbery. "Well, then, there's nothing for you to worry about, and no reason you and your mother shouldn't sign these papers," she bristled. Sam knew it was stupid to go along, but he knew his reputation as a wuss would be sealed if he didn't accept Billy's dare. Sam was not amused and forlornly made his way into his room, his younger brother tailing close behind. I bet the guys at the juvenile hall are really tough. " He smiled wryly: "I wonder what they'll think of a little rich kid…particularly one caught stealing women's panties? Sam figured he could do this one thing, impress the gang, and get Billy off his back for good. She said that if you were a sissy and had been stealing the panties to wear them, she'd drop all charges. As he sat in the holding area, waiting for his mother to arrive, Sam's face burned hot with embarrassment and shame. The days after his arrest were a complete blur to Sam. Johnson is insisting that the prosecutor treat this like some sort of federal crime or something. A smartly dressed woman met them at the door to the opulent house and led them into a well-appointed study. Susan couldn't tolerate the hateful woman or her malicious ill-behaved son. "The very idea of a teen aged boy mincing around in panties, a pretty dress and make-up, his hair in a darling lady's hair-do…how funny," she giggled. Gladys actually knew her son's role in the prank, and she knew that Sam was as normal as her own son; he was no sissy. The fact that her plan wasn't working infuriated her. After all, he was about to try and convince someone that he was an effeminate panty-waist; a sissy. The nosiest, most despicable woman in the entire neighborhood. After all, I may have mentioned to your mother that I find feminine boys—sissies—so charming and delightful," she giggled. The fortune Susan's husband had left them couldn't help Sam there! Gladys had her husband draw up documents to force Susan and her son to tell the truth and get their just desserts. Johnson changed her mind, he'd go to juvenile hall for sure. I'm going to sign." Susan quickly and politely asked to speak with her son privately, and she half-drug Sam into the hallway. As he heard Mark greet his date at the door, Sam checked the contents of his little clutch purse and adjusted the veil on his pillbox hat; it was going to be another long night. But he had never succeeded in teaching Steve to take responsibility for his actions and to be accountable for his mistakes. She could have easily refused Steve's request, but she wanted him to make the right decision on his own. Lying about wanting to dress in girl's clothes is a very stupid thing to do." A tear of frustration escaped Sam's eye. I'll never ask for anything again." Susan's sighed. Before her husband had died, he had left them financially very well off. I can't believe that this is going to be as easy as you think." Sam waited anxiously as his mother called Ms. " Actually, she seemed thrilled at the news." Susan and her son prepared for the walk down the street to Ms.

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