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Twenty-six of the 86 study participants went on to meet the person whom they had been engaged in an online relationship with, and of these, all but two ended up having a real-life affair.

One 66-year-old man ended up having 13 affairs this way, she said.

"We started chatting about life, our marriage, what we like to eat, what sexual positions we like the best," wrote one man to Mileham.

"I felt like I've known her in another life." Mileham believes the time has come for the Internet to become as essential a part of pre-marital discussions as is whether or not to have children.

"I'm not going to cheat," wrote one married man.

"I'm just capturing back some of those butterflies we feel when we're young and start flirting and dating." "The No.

The UF study found an escalating quality to these online contacts.

Many reported that what started as innocent, friendly exchanges progressed quickly to strong desires for sexual relationships, she said.

"Many of them said their wife was so involved in childrearing that she wasn't interested in having sex." Because there is no touching involved in online chat conversations, married people often rationalize their behavior as harmless fun, Mileham said.Eighty-three percent of the study's participants said they did not consider themselves to be cheating, and the remaining 17 percent deemed it a "weak" form of infidelity that was easily justifiable, she said.Other research has shown, however, that most spouses feel as betrayed, angry and hurt by online infidelity as they would if skin-to-skin adultery had taken place, she said.According to FBI Agent Sarah Deamron, O'Kimosh began interacting with the girl last January through Facebook Messenger; in April he asked if he could contact her on Snapchat. At first O'Kimosh did not know the girl was only 15, but continued to discuss sexual topics with her after learning her age, "repeatedly requesting through the Snapchat application" that they meet for sexual activity.When investigators impersonated the girl on November 1, O'Kibosh asked "her" to send an explicit photo. Sickel ordered O'Kimosh be held in a federal corrections facility pending trial, based on his "potential risk of flight due to the significant sentence that may be imposed if convicted" and on the fact that the alleged offenses happened while he was on duty as a Menominee Tribal Police officer."The Internet will soon become the most common form of infidelity if it isn't already," she said.Unlike some fatal attractions, a simple click of a mouse button ends contact – should the person want to break it off – without any explanations or apologies, she said.One can reveal the most intimate emotional and sexual details to an unseen stranger at any time of the day or night, she said.Several participants indicated they divulged more about themselves to online partners than to their wives or husbands.Basil O'Kimosh, a former cop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, faces federal charges for exchanging sexually explicit Snapchat messages with a teenage girl he met on Facebook.If convicted, the 39-year-old man faces 25 years to life in prison.

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